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What was your dream?

Did you want a dog that lives up to the Lassie Story? Did you long for a dog to look up into your eyes and be able to really connect, to find a friend during the lockdown restrictions. Only to find your puppy is nipping at your hands rather than enjoying a scratch under their chin.

Remember, puppies explore their world with their mouths. They need to be shown that they should not bite too hard. This first starts with their litter mates yelping loudly when they are becoming too rough. We need to do the same. We need to tell our puppy clearly that their little needle sharp teeth are not allowed to make marks on our hands or up our arm. Some puppies bite harder than others, so it is important lesson to learn if you have children in the house. Say ‘ouch’ as soon as you feel their teeth. Then ignore your puppy for a while, and give them time to calm down before you interact with them again. Some puppies take longer than others, and remember a tired puppy often acts like a wound up clock work toy, zooming around the room and becoming very mouthy. Tired puppies do not make good choices, they need at least seventeen hours of sleep a day. Also never leave children on their own with their puppy - teach them to stand still and turn their back on their puppy when they get rough, and then you must intervene as the adult and put the puppy in its bed, because often when the puppy is over excited they actually need a quiet place to rest and you must ask your children to leave the puppy to have some peace and quiet.

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